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After a long and exhausting day, a warm and refreshing shower will help you relax. But do you get bored with your old shower? Then it’s time for a change. By adding a new shower, you can stop wasting time and start relaxing more. For bathroom remodeling, it’s important to hire a contractor with a track record of delivering high-quality replacement showers. You can rely on our certified contractor for your next shower remodeling project in Tacoma.

Choose The Shower Which Is Best For You

You have many styles to pick from—whether to install a new shower or to reshape an existing shower. Get an idea about the shower types and select the one that attracts you most.

Custom Shower: Custom showers are made of natural stone or porcelain tiles. The shower pan is made from a wet mortar foundation laid with stone or tile. They can be of any scale, shape, and shape you want. When they are constructed with superior materials, they will increase the resale value of your house.

Shower Tower: The shower tower is a metal column that includes valves, a showerhead, a hand-held shower, jets of various heights, and controls. These units remove the need for many shower wall penetrations. Shower towers are ideal for contemporary bathrooms because of their elegant architecture.

Waterfall Shower: A waterfall shower has a higher shower head than a standard showerhead and emits a gentle, rainfall-like flow of water. If you want a massage-like sensation with water pressure on your neck and shoulders, then maybe this will not fit well for you.

Body Shower: A body shower has multiple penetrations in one or more walls for water jets that range in height from knee to shoulder height and a showerhead over the head. It can conserve water by sending water more effectively to identify parts of the body, rather than waiting for thewater to run down.


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