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A soothing bath in your bathtub will make your day better. But if your bathtub is ugly or too small, you definitely won’t get the pleasure you’re hoping for. Nothing to worry about! You can get a new beautiful bathtub that provides all the features and much more with the help of our services. We install new bathtubs and wall surrounds with a long list of features. We intend to make your bathing experience as pleasant as possible.

Types of Bathtubs You Can Choose

We give you multiple varieties of bathtubs that match your needs. Choose one of the following bathtub styles:

Generic Bathtub: This is installed in a house for a bath experience, particularly during the warm summer season. It is normally white with a showerhead above it and sealed. It allows a shower to sit down or stand up.

Walk-In Bathtub: The walk-in bathtub is easily reached on the level surface. The elderly and physically challenged will enjoy the convenience of entry and exit. There is a special mechanism at the door that serves as a seal to hold and hold water and a release button to allow the water to drain during use. If you are looking for a safe bath and have little space, our walk-in tubs are the
right solution.

Whirlpool Bathtub: The whirlpool-created bubbles, along with the shooting water from the jets, help to build the illusion of the body massage. It is undeniably more expensive to set up because many special types of equipment are required and expertly completed. Our whirlpool bathtubs provide a perfect way to add the luxury of a spa to your bathroom.


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Tub/Shower Combo: This is perfect for families looking for the best of all worlds. If you love to take your time and have a lengthy bath while others want a quick shower, this is how you use the bathroom.

Contact us today for more details about the styles of baths that we have in Tacoma. We are looking forward to working with you to remodel the bathtub you’ve always dreamed of.

Custom Bathtub Remodeling Tacoma WA

If you want your custom bathtub, we can build that for you. You will be able to configure your new bathtub that suits your desires and tastes. Our bathtubs are available in a variety of different base colors and designs, and we have wall surrounds that come in many colors and patterns. We make sure your new bathtub is a wonderful highlight for your bathroom. Besides, your bathtubs can also be fitted with a range of optional accessories. So don’t wait to consult with our experts.

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