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We Remodeling Tacoma WA try our best to make sure that our client gets best service. Our main goal is to provide best bathroom remodeling service all over the Tacoma Area. We have great team for remodeling your bathroom. We provide all kinds of bathroom remodeling service. Like bathroom remodeling, bathtub remodeling and installation, shower remodeling etc. If you want custom design no problem we can do that too. Our experts will go to your house, try to know which kind of design ye want. Then our experts will start to work. Contact one of our professional now and get a free quote. We can proudly say that quality is something that we never compromise. Call us now for any kind of bathroom remodeling service.

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Bathroom Remodeling Tacoma Wa

Bathroom Remodeling

With our high-quality bathroom remodeling services, from the very first step until you turn on the tap, we want you to be proud of the bathroom you have in your home. As a licensed contractor who specializes in bathroom remodeling, we do nothing but the best for our clients. We don’t leave anything to chance, from the vanities to the cabinets, from the toilet to shower, bath, and all finishings.

Bathtub Remodeling Tacoma WA

Bathtub Remodeling and Installation

We can transform your drab old moldy tub into a beautiful bright easy to clean the tub. Replace your tub, customize your walls with wall surrounds, or even make your bathroom look more modern with a shower! With acrylic bath systems, you will not need harsh chemicals to clean your bathroom since they naturally resist mold and mildew. With our team of experienced professionals, your bathroom will be the relaxing retreat you’ve always wanted.

Shower Remodeling Tacoma WA

Shower Remodeling

Are your shower tiles dull, cracked, or staining? Are you scrubbing and sanitizing only to have mold and mildew return? Stop wasting your time cleaning and get in touch with us. You will find a wide variety of high-quality replacement showers, tub-to-shower conversions, wall surrounds, and more in our collection. Our wide selection of sizes, colors, and styles match your bathroom and your budget!